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Mario maker mods

Jaku access_time 8mo refresh 8mo, has anyone had any success replacing the Bonus Stage themes from Mario Maker?
Mods mods to mod Super Mario Maker?
It mods maker was mods way too much for me to do so I decided to can the idea and just not mods have a make chat mario platform.However, as mario quickly as that mario decision was made, it make was met with a ton of confusion and backlash, with it causing the Forum to become someecards even less active.(as all I would do was just log on, play mario multiverse, close Mario Multiverse, immediately close discord).There is nothing to differentiate make it from its competitors and the only purpose I see keeping Super Mario REMaker as part of Mario Making Mods is for all the old mods we've put, which isn't exactly a thing for the discord.In it's place, I planned to host a at server in which users can pick and choose their own channels maker to join. Sure, discord still has their issues such as market banning people unfairly (RocketRobz got banned two weeks make ago with no explanation from the market Discord Trust and Safety team trying to make take control over everything that happens on their platform (and it's even more apparent now make that.
Finally, we'll be organizing the modding community as make such: For general modding discussion, they'll be talked about in the discord server in the channel.
In fact, I already have my next wave of updates planned out, and am currently working on a Super Mario World theme (with a really cool CSS effect I'm working on).
Isn't the whole make point of Mario Making.
Rather, make we go by "each game gets their own channel and by that means, each game has their own channel.
Questions, wait, why did you come back to discord?The keyword is official, as the same rule applies with Project channels; make If the at/IRC feature where you can pick and choose your own channel gets ported over to Discord, I will allow free someone to create a Super Mario REMaker channel.but why not just use the chat platform we currently already have which still has the title Mario Making Mods title under it?We took a look at the numbers.Super Mario REMaker has not seen activity in a long remix time, and does not have nearly as much features as Super Mario Unimaker.Please read the rules before uploading your creations.