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Make your own toasted muesli

make your own toasted muesli

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Oats nuts seeds dried fruit spices, i muesli love making my own muesli because doiy it comes together so quickly!This muesli is a healthy, homemade toasted breakfast.The cinnamon keeps the dates from sticking to everything when its a dry mix.In the morning, youll have a delicious breakfast waiting for make you.Im currently sitting here eating this homemade healthy muesli recipe before muesli heading muesli off to the airport for a trip muesli to Toronto.You can also soak it in the morning for 10-20 minutes for a quick breakfast on the.Did you make this recipe?Now check your email to confirm your subscription.Thank you for supporting the sponsors who support CK!Pour in the maple syrup, coconut oil and vanilla extract and mix well.One half cup of shredded coconut. The varying temperatures give different saumon textures and tastes.
You might surprise yourself with how good it actually tastes.
This can turn the muesli maki into a maki cold porridge maki type mixture that maki maki many people really enjoy.
Diced apple, chopped pear, sliced mango, lychees maki work especially well as they add a crisp sour flavour, which can't be topped.
Ive maki been playing around with muesli flavors like I have with granola.
Im also a huge fan saumon of this.
Plus, I hated the sound of metal spoons scraping against bowls so early in the morning.Theres so many different ingredients that you can use to build your own shrimp muesli.You maki can add muesli to a simmering liquid for a warm breakfast (making a mental note for this fall!).Additional dried fruit, nuts, and other cereals all work great.Just snack on it like granola.If you want a cup of cooked muesli, in other words, boil a half saumon cup of water and a half cup of milk, then add a half cup of raw muesli.At the French grocery stores, I found milk maki that didnt require refrigeration until opening.5 Add muesli to baking batters.Enjoy what suits you.I treat muesli like granola and mix it with almond milk or yogurt saumon in the morning.5 4 Make muesli bars.Try soaking the muesli overnight.5, add some muesli into a smoothie.

The cinnamon will keep the dates from sticking to everything and infuses with the liquid once you soak the muesli mixture.
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