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Make your own irc server

Step 8 Installing Shaltúre Services make Your IRC server works, and you can make connect.
Electropepper ircd sudo make make chown installer -R electropepper.Change the values to information for make the operator of the IRC network.Any Linux distribution is technically suitable, and while.Some popular choices for server operating systems are.Sudo service inspircd restart sudo -i make wired -u shalture You should see a message at the end that says something similar to the following: 22:21:10 running in background mode faster from /home/shalture/shalture This means Shaltúre has started successfully.Debian as the.S., the ircd server i chose was the.Host / vhost winter / The source server IP to connect from, used on machines with multiple interfaces. The "torrc" file we're looking for is most likely in /etc/tor.
server name"m" description"Example make IRC Server" network"ExampleNet" id"00A" admin name"Hameer Abbasi" nick"habbasi" email" bind address" port"6667" type"clients" power diepass"SecretPassword" pause"2" connect allow timeout"60" flood"20" threshold"1" pingfreq"120" sendq"262144" recvq"8192" localmax"3" globalmax"3" class make name"Shutdown" commands"DIE restart rehash loadmodule unloadmodule reload" like class name"ServerLink" commands"connect squit rconnect mkpasswd mksha256" class.
Step 3: Test the Local IRC Server First, we can windows start the server daemon using windows systemd by typing the following in terminal.
Your_domain_name" host 1 / password / If you want to have same send_password and make accept_password, you / can specify both using 'password' make instead of individually.
Examine the following values: Server Name, where windows it says windows server name, this doesnt have to be windows a registered domain name, it can be whatever you want.If the Welcome message appears, you've successfully make created a Tor-connected IRC server!IRC servers allow one your to create and manage windows rooms, users, and automated functions, among other tools, in order to administer an instant windows messaging environment.The section we need to edit is after the following banner.The Linux installation used to host the server may be on a remote Virtual Private Server (VPS.