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Make your own ice cream maker

Finally, I maker used a cream hacksaw to make cut off the threading from cream the spindle so I could maker glue the gear directly.
There are lots of maker recipes online for making your own ice cream.If your I had used ice and salt instead of just the freezer, I'm sure it would have set faster and better.Mix in the salt until dissolved and freeze for 24 hrs.For the shaft I used a thin, straight length of Hazel (fine use of natural make material there).This particular one came from a non-working disc drive and the motor was used to open and close the tray.The mixer should start turning as you do this.I then cut four notches in the DVD case to correspond.Salt Solution Mixture: cream 500g maker of Salt (I used rock salt but finer stuff will dissolve quicker).You'll need a few other odds and ends such as a little plastic ring from the stack of recordable DVDs, some cocktail straws, four pieces of short (3-4 inches or so) galvanized wire, and something to secure the motor down later in the process.Nothing inside the jar should contain glue, maker and more importantly should NOT contain solder!Once its all put together, the Peltier online elements act like heat pumps, making one side of them very hot, but the other side very cold.After the first hour I went mind to half-hour check-ins.After a little searching, I went with this instructable: the main reason was because it was for a small amount and would translate well to my project. I dipped out village quite a bit of the milkshake ice cream and then poured out meme the rest.
The largest gear that make moved along your grooves in make the disc tray hung out further than the other gears, so I glued make the spindle directly to that gear.
To build your own, youll need a metal tray of some kind with a flat bottom, a very large heat sink, a large pan filled with water that the heat sink can rest in, and some thermoelectric Peltier elements.
And, if you guys try this, please drop some pics meme and let me know how make it turned out for you!
How to Build an Instant DIY Ice-Cream Maker (ultra freeze!).I was make lucky enough to have the electric motor already mounted to something usable, so we'll forget your it for now.Did you use this instructable in your classroom?At first I was checking it about every 15 minutes to make your sure it was still powered make and still operational.For illustrative purposes I went with the chocolate mix, and did not use ice/salt like you normally would.Youll also need a power supply unit that can put out at least 400w (and old PC unit will do).See it in action!Making the paddle was tricky, I measured up the inner chamber and cut a piece out of a plastic box, which would be the paddle.