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Make your own hologram projector

Please use the make link to visit my store : /gKjns4, you can also contribute to me on Patreon using the киев link : /JHoagv, make amazon India : Super glue - /29HHbvK Utility Knife - /29OkNFU Amazon US: Utility Knife - /29YSYaS Super glue - /29Wvpi Follow.
Tape the free ends together to form a pyramid.
Step 1: Making Video, watch the video to see the making of the hologram projector or continue reading to make your own DIY Hologram sehr Projector.
This way I get a small commission which will help me produce more videos.Step 8: Joining 1st Image hologram 2nd Image : Join all the pieces (this is bit difficult step).Step 4: Creating Template - Step 2 1st Image - Now measure 3cm from the border übersetzung of 1cm square on the vertical and projector horizontal line (from the center zwemmen point of the 1cm square it should.5cm) 2nd Image - Erase all the external line.Making a homemade hologram projector from scratch.VSKIdY-cOAz0, video templates: template: Click make to enlarge, discover real scientist in you with Sparklab!Be the First to Share Recommendations Made with Math Contest Multi-Discipline Contest Robotics Contest 2 Discussions.You can find your all the steps from creating a template to the end product.Switch the lights off, play the video and view the hologram from the side as shown in the diagram below. Step make 3: Creating Template - Step 1 1st Image - Draw a 1cm x 1cm square 2nd Image - Draw diagonal lines nikkel to obtain the youtube center point 3rd Image - After achieving the center point draw a horizontal and vertical line.
Score and fold along the red lines.
Step 5: your Creating Template - Step 3 1st Image : Now Measure 55 degree from the border of make the 1cm square.
4 distorted make images of a 3d model are displayed on the phone screen.
Step 6: Creating Template - Step 4 1st Image : Highlight all the important lines with a marker or a sketch pen 2nd Image 3rd Image : Now cut the template.
V-Elshn0XKok t, original link: m/watch?Step 7: Creating Template - Step 5 1st Image 2nd Image : Use the template to cut the pieces on the CD case.If Yes, Please browse yourself and buy things from my Amazon Store.If you don't have your own hologram video make you can visit this Link : /KG4xTB, if you interested in making this product you can please use my affiliate buying links to buy the components.Make your own 3D Hologram Projector using CD case smartphone.The video next generation chemistry app which provides innovative picture ways to learn chemistry for free in Augmented and Virtual Realities!These your are reflected on the four sides of the pyramid.Eraser 10 Thick white paper for template creation.In the video testing begins @3:30.You Can Subscribe To My your YouTube Channel Here : /ctc8l9, step youtube 2: Things Required.When the pyramid is viewed straight on, the 4 separate reflections come together to produce one 3d image.

YouTube has lots of good ones.
Using the hologram marker pen trace the template onto the acetate and carefully cut out.