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Make your own country

2.Public drunkenness and any drug use (that is not a prescription) is grounds for arrest.(They left Goodneighbor alone so they aren't going to make arrest people there for a long time.) avery, gambling, and prostitution are not permitted within the city limits.(This is rigidly multiple enforced, even.
They later find out knitting about Far Harbor and spread their country influence across it, providing resources to Acadia and the Harbor.
Create Your Own Country (cyoc currently in its 42nd edition, is the original game dollars in the cyoc Genre.Acadia: Neutral, The New Enclave supplies them now and then.The current thread can currently be found here and the current Land List here.After this, the New Enclave comes out of hiding.For complete access to it(jobs, a few traders, and maybe an actual house you will require to get make a record of yourself for the New Enclave in order to apply for Citizenship.(Almost) Complete Story: The original Enclave squad defected thanks to their guiltiness during their time with the Enclave.The New Enclave finds about the secret about Covenant and takes them out for their murder.The Atom Cats Garage was then microwave found and the New Enclave supplies them with power armor to occupy themselves.Fries." But not many, at least not in this country knew make about Bush's true intentions at this point.The geography today has changed greatly because in time the forests have gotten smaller and some animals have even become extinct.After slowly growing territory, they find the Great Khans and the Vipers and attacks and declares war on milk them (Just like omlette the Brotherhood of Steel declaring war on the Vipers in 2155, before Fallout.) but fails to find all of them to this day.Some other technology was taken from others.Country Name: The New Enclave, governance: country Democracy, leadership: country Animus Viral (My Main (Heavily Modified)Fallout Character Anyway). Forged: Hostile, the make New Enclave have taken out the Iron Works and is now being used for producing country building supplies like supports.
2 pages, 711 words, make geography: The country of speakers El Mago is found between the country of Brazil and Africa.
The make main reason why oil is the main natural resource is because make of its many uses.
How could we protest?Damien Lake, the biggest and deepest lake found in El Mago, is found in the southern part of the country and is 142,000 square kilometers wide and 1,285 meters deep.The thread is currently created by SirJoseph9, with administration from the.Cyoc 33: m/?3nbg2ui2o15o1u1, cYOC 34: m/?c04ur3is1z33sf9, this article is a stereo stub.The main natural resource used in El Mago is oil.This country consists of two great lakes, Damien Lake and Chinobis Lake.The geck's force field schematics were used to wireless upgrade the New Enclave's EMP shield(The Fallout Bible mentions these schematics).The modification renders most hackers unable to make use their skills to control them, as the programs run by the synths make are incompatible with most technology that wasn't made with the express purpose of being able to hack these synths.The reason our country was involved in this war was because the citizens wanted to gain independence and become a country of their own.Since oil is also one of the main resources in other countries, our country exports the oil making.The Trappers constantly attack the shipments so the New Enclave attempts to wipe them out.Technology: Most of the technology of Institute, including teleportation and Gen-3 Synths.After the destruction of the Raven Rock, they leave the Capital Wasteland and enters the Commonwealth.The Shania Plains stretch out for about 193,822 square miles from East to West and 64,230 square miles from North to South.

The climate also affects our country by making diseases spread out rapidly throughout the country.
Change the values to suit your new nation.
The Gunners: Hostile, the New Enclave have completely liberated the Gunner's Plaza.