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Make your own bouncy ball kit instructions

We had a great demonstrator who explained why they did what they did so it was real science.
Daycamp Teacher, may 16, 2016.
The kids loved them and couldn't get enough!
Write a Review, reviews 15 reviews, crazy fun!Super bouncing make ball kits Oct 10, 2013 Made them quickly make and they worked OK but nothing special.They are make 'granular' in texture instructions and have a seam from the make bouncy mold so they're your not ball perfectly round.Open discussions about states and changes make of matter as the make loose shapeless sand turn into a hard solid round bouncy ball!Jeanne Brown, was this review helpful?We will be sending you extra crystals to make up for the shortage.Barry Wasserman, was this review helpful?Love these - am teaching a class on frozen polymers and this is one of the lessons.Elementary students love it!Suggested Science Idea(s) 2-PS1-1 bouncy Students can produce a variety of balls, using variables to test the properties.Loved everything Dec 22, 2012 The entire experience was very professional and easy.Molds are used to form the balls.Download the instructions for this product.I need to buy another pack though as one of my kiddos broke the mold opening.Choking hazard: Small parts. However, the kids love the activity and instructions introduction to nederland lab science.
The balls were easy to make and bounced well, not as well as store bought balls, but webshop this forever lead to a great compare/contrast discussion.
Melanie gray Was this review helpful?
We are also including a few extra make packets with forever every purchase to ensure there is always enough material in each fotoshoot kit.Be make aware that the balls are not perfect.MS-PS1-3 Students can gain firsthand experience with polymers and learn more about synthetic materials and where they come from.The kit can be used to reinforce students' mastery of lab procedures, as an unforgettable introduction to polymers, or even as an energy lab (measuring bounce heights).Teach plastic molding and polymerization facts.This is hands-on science tips at its best!Download the msds of this product.Jul 18, 2019, the kids did a great job making them and bouncing the dickens out editor of them.Dog ate the instructions?Wilde Was this review helpful?The kids loved making the ball, but it was a little messy, and some of the balls came out lopsided.5-PS1-3 Students can produce make a variety of balls, using variables to test the properties MS-PS1-1 Students can use the Polymers and molds to plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of materials by their observable properties.

They were easy to make and instructions foolproof.
Dec 2, 2014, these kits are so easy to use and young students love them!