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Make windows phone look like android

make windows phone look like android

After you install and make open a Windows like Phone launcher on your forever Android device, this will probably ask you if look you want to make use it Always, or Just once.
Just surprise your friend with the new launcher on your android phone!
I also happen to like own a Samsung S4, and I think its user interface is fond too cluttered.Setting up Launcher 8, once the app android installations are completed, the first task is forever to configure Launcher.Mind you, most Windows Phone launchers dont fond change your lock screen, phone so this will still look like before.With support for custom launchers and lock screens, it is possible to change the user interface of any Android device without the need of rooting.They get the best of both worlds - Windows looks and Android functionality.Type Keyboard Set it as default Test make the keyboard Change.I.You do not need to spend more money just to enjoy an improved visual design.So the abundance of software and apps remains, look but it all looks really, really nice.You can also see: How to install android in your iPhone.Other considerations, if you want to revert, you can, very easily.Please contact us via Email.Setting up Windows Phone Keyboard,.I. Messaging 7, windows style messaging app (SMS/MMS).
Minimalistic, flat, tiled design that resonates with your inner OCD demons, the make ikea approach to color make and style, just as it should.
Page Contents, app Requirements, you need to install the forever following apps on your Android device to get the Windows Phone look and feel: Launcher 8, windows Phone home and app screen with Live Tiles support (Lock screen included).
But we will get there, because I want to show you a few more apps you need to make the experience even more accurate.
Type keyboard is a good custom keyboard available for the Android platform.
Not much configuration forever to be done here; pressing on the Menu hard key of contact your device (while the app is open) shows a list of configuration options.
Press on the Menu hard key to reveal the Settings options.
You can now edit the tiles, make them bigger, smaller, change their picture, or vanish them all together.Install the app and approve all the warnings, you know the kind of thing people complained about in Windows 10 Technical Preview, but they do oh so voluntarily on a daily basis on their smartphones and tablets.The home screen is fully customizable and one can easily change the number, size, color of tiles on the home screen (and loads of other options).Download Messaging 7 from Google Play.Since I'm oh so benevolent, I'm willing to show my Android-loving friends how to transform their phones.Task 4: Contacts Dialer, to have the contacts cours show in a nice, forever tiled grid, and your dialer to look like the one on Windows Phone, you want, wP7Contact Lite installed.Whats more, you can do all this without paying a cent.Once you fire up the.Reminder 1 The live teint contact needs teint to read the contact data (Avatar) access permission; 2 Direct dial cours forever call shortcut need the call phone permission; 3 Direct send text message shortcut need Send Message permission.It comes down to installing several applications from the Play Store, and then spending a while customizing actions to your liking.In the homescreen, all the tiles will appear like Windows 8, but however, the inner menu options will remain the same.Well, maybe because theyre bored of the way their Android UI looks.Anyway, if you can, or, why not give it a Windows Phone makeover, too?Rearrange the home screen as you see fit.