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Make vs make install

Here you'll see that make each step is actually a different state.
If you want to produce make compressed html files (see generate_htmlhelp ) in install the free configuration file, then you need the Microsoft html help workshop.This is definitely a per-project thing - some, like postfix, qmail, etc., are made up of transparent many different moving pieces and rely on them all working together.That's why package managers have different wrappers.These packages are needed during the compilation process.usr/local/ is a common default prefix.Better still, find or create a binary package, plural and install that instead.Now you see that each step is a pre-requirement for next step.For a number of distributions exists.After installation and adding them to your path rename win_flex.The html directory within the build directory will now contain the html documentation (just point a html browser to the file ml in the html directory).Cmake tries install to determine the platform you use, and will look for the requires tools.however, not all projects use online the Autotools - they are huge, complicated, and miserable to maintain.In order make to generate PDF make output or use scientific formulas you will also need to install LaTeX and Ghostscript.It is far easier for locally built software plus to live in one place and distribution-provided software to live in the "main directories /usr/ /bin and. Popular ones that should dough work with doxygen are MikTex and free proTeXt.
(Packagers are very careful to never touch files in /usr/local/ - they know it scratch is make exclusively for system make administrators.).
Each step is a preparation to make things work in a problemless flow.
In order to generate a Makefile for your platform, friends you need cmake version.1.3 or later.
Download make doxygen's source tarball and put make it somewhere (e.g.
The system directories eg playdoh /usr, plague are reserved for the package management system to use.(This is not often useful - but sometimes image very useful.Here one can use autotools, that means./configure, make and make install.Optional: static linking free If you want to build a statically linked version of doxygen that embeds libclang you need to first build llvm and clang from sources using the following options: cmake -dlibclang_build_staticon -dbuild_shared_libsoff make -dllvm_enable_picoff -dllvm_build_llvm_dyliboff -dllvm_build_llvm_C_dyliboff -dllvm_enable_terminfooff path_to_llvm_root_source_dir and then build doxygen with these.For formulas in the html output (when MathJax is not used) or in case dough you do not wish to use pdflatex, the ghostscript interpreter is needed.

This is needed to build the GUI front-end doxywizard.
Some do building, some do tests after building, some do checkout from external SCM repositories.