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Make verbose

make verbose

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To print the verbose data base without trying to remake any files, use make -qp.
k -keep-going Continue as much as possible after an error.
With no make type page or the type target, output from the entire recipe of each target is grouped together.So, assuming you are in the folder where you want to make the build, execute verbose the following to generate the Makefiles: cmake path_to_project_source; make and then just issue make to perform the build with verbose output.This option make enables messages while rebuilding itinerary makefiles, too.Possible arguments verbose are below; only the first character is considered, and values must be comma- or space-separated.See Parallel Execution, for more information on how recipes are run.But you can still define make your own suffixes with a rule for.suffixes, and then define your own suffix rules.With no arguments, print the basic level of debugging.r -no-builtin-rules Eliminate use of the built-in implicit rules verbose (see Using Implicit Rules ).Adding the option to the cmake command, it will enable verbosity on all generated Makefiles permanently.With the type line, output from each line in the recipe is grouped together.You might set make cmake_rule_messages to OFF to prune Make's output a bit, but if you want to see solely the g command lines, you should use grep.2011/5/17 David Aldrich drich at m : Hi I would like to see the exact g commands that are invoked by a makefile generated by cmake. The debugging information says which files are being considered for remaking, which file-times trip are being compared and with trip honeymoon what results, which files actually need to be remade, which implicit rules are considered and which are appliedeverything interesting about how make decides what.
If multiple -C options are specified, each is trip interpreted relative to the previous one: -C / -C etc is equivalent to -C /etc.
Without -n, it make is almost the same as number running a touch command on the given file before running make, except that the modification time is changed only in the imagination of make.
This option is only useful when using the -jobs make option to run multiple recipes simultaneously (see Parallel Execution ) Without this option output will be displayed as it trip is generated by india the recipes.
Otype -output-synctype Ensure that the complete make output from each recipe is printed in one uninterrupted sequence.
M ( makefile by default, the above messages are not enabled while trying to remake the makefiles.
e -environment-overrides, give variables taken from the environment precedence over variables from makefiles.Join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host hotel and review code, manage projects, and build software together.A caveat cancellation with this option is that the configuration is not passed on to other CMakeLists.The -R option also automatically enables the -r option (see above since it doesnt make sense to have implicit rules without any definitions trip for the variables that they use.W file -what-iffile -new-filefile -assume-newfile Pretend that the target file has just been modified.With no argument, removes a previous load limit.Option 2 Add the variable verbose1 to your make command.This option is useful when -w make is turned on automatically, but you do not want to see the extra messages.This is typically used with recursive invocations of make (see.20 Mar, 2017 in, programming tagged cmake / make / verbose by, tux, ever wanted to get more information out of a build process controlled by CMake?

10 Building C object and 30 Linking C static library libsegments.
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Note that the all option does enable this option.