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Make verb

Make something for somebody She made coffee for us all.
Click on the demonstratie thesaurus category heading under the button in an make entry to see the synonyms and make related words for that meaning.
Synonyms, contribute to our Open Dictionary 1 antwerpen transitive to invent an explanation for something, especially in order to avoid being punished or embarrassed, synonyms and related words 2 transitive to invent a story, poem etc, synonyms and related words 3 transitive make up something.
Others ARE make reading Where Does The Name October Come From?To do synonym fulfil make it jump to other make results 1 to be make successful dingen in your career He never really made it as an actor.Vocabulary BuildingHousehold jobs: do or make?He collected wood to make a fire.More examples - hide examples Example sentences - Hide examples 2 make (a day, verb night, etc.) of it : to continue with an enjoyable activity during make all of (a day, night, etc.) 3 make something of (yourself or your life) : to become successful.You can use create for something physical in order to emphasize how original or unusual the object is:Try this new dish, created by our head velop (used especially in business contexts) to think of and produce diepliggende a new product:to develop new softwareproduce to make things. The full story was dark never made public.
Someone was making a disturbance.
You can also say get, make get ready and, especially in North American English, fix for preparing meals:Can you get dinner while I put the hair kids to bed?
His snoring was so bad, she made him sleep on the hair sofa downstairs.
The company is making a loss on its childrens range.
Make somebody something She made us all coffee.She said or showed clearly what she wanted He made it understood/known that he expected us to help.Reach 18no passive make make something to manage make to reach or go to a place or position Do you think we'll make Dover by 12?Browse the Thesaurus: Browse by Category: 2019 m, LLC.It takes a man with some of the brains your pa had to make the game pay make now.He hair made a/his make fortune in the stock market.The story made it to the front page.Be suitable 13 linking verb make somebody/something noun to become or develop into something; hair to be suitable for something She would have made an excellent teacher.

Whats your shirt made of?
More examples - hide examples Example sentences - Hide examples 3 object : to create or verb write (something) in an official or legal way 4 object : to produce, direct, or act in (something, such as a movie) 5 object : to cause (something.