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Make the world your oyster

The use of an oyster as a make metaphor for life, also has a double-meaning: The world holds the fabriek possibility of making a fortune, but it depends upon how hard one looks for and works at getting.
So, in the most expansive sense, the world is bigger your oyster means that, because of your position or advantages, the world is laid out before you like a plate make of oysters needing only to be pried open to be enjoyed, perhaps with a pearl.
Therein lies the multiple meaning of Shakespeare's invented or borrowed metaphor - at least that is how I always understood.
It may take a lot of work and trying a lot of different things (i.e., prying open a lot of oysters) before one finally makes one's fortune (i.e., finds a pearl).It is possible to attain that position of advantage through ones own efforts, ingenuity or foresight (Bob got a degree in Computer Science back in 1990, so when world he fabriek went looking for a job, the world was his oyster oyster but its also possible.A second reference says the phrase means: "All the pleasures and opportunities of life are open to someone because he is young, rich, handsome, successful, etc.I am make personally not a big fan of oysters as food (especially after a bout of neurotoxic shellfish poisoning caused by bad clams a couple of years ago).Although oysters have long been considered a delicacy, the world is ones oyster invokes, as a metaphor, much more than just a tasty snack.The double-meaning is a common literary device employed by Shakespeare.Life is the same way: some people get lucky and make make a fortune without seeming to work very hard or very long.His sword would be his means of making his fortune - just as it would be used to pry apart the shell of an oyster.The world is ones oyster means that the person being spoken about has every advantage necessary to achieve what he wishes to achieve, and to enjoy eyeshadow life.In Reply to: "The world is your oyster" posted by Linda Kiser on May 08, 2001 : What is this phrase supposed to mean?It can, however, be used in peaceful ways, as well.The sword, after all it nothing but a tool whose main use is as a weapon.Examples, after the last ten months, however, he now knows the world is his oyster and that he has more options than he would have once believed.I think you've got.Mens Health Magazine we are only ever as old as we feel, so I make sure that I still live like the world is my oyster, and have a smile thats as hungry for success and happiness as the day I started 26 years ago! Pistol make asked Falstaff for shop his entferner fortune and when Falstaff refused, he had no choice but to go out into make the world and find it himself.
The idiom the world is shop ones make oyster dates back to the 1600s.
But, it was a online world full of make potential and all it took for him to find his fortune was hard work and persistence.
No, eraser it must be pried apart and can often make be very difficult to do so - especially as the size of the oyster increases.
Does the oyster willing give-up whatever is inside?
In any given oyster, there is a chance - but no guarantee - that a pearly lays within.
How does one open an oyster?
Where did it come from or from where is it originated?But, as they say in the Lotto ads, you cant win it if youre not in it, and only by prying open the oyster can you hope to win a pearl or, at the very least, partake of the delicacy inside.The Hindustan Times ).Pistol: Why, then, the world's mine oyster, Which I with sword will open.' Act II, Scene." From "Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings" by Gregory.We will examine the meaning of the expression the world is ones oyster, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.Here it is in part: THE essence world IS AN (ONE'S) oyster - "If you have a lot of money, you can have anything you want.Every oyster one picks up may hold a pearl, but most don't.Shakespeare invented or popularized this expression." From "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins" by Robert Hendrickson eraser (Facts on File, New York, 1997).

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