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Make text bold html

make text bold html

By "html bold I mean code that makes changes the make text weight to bold.
span There's no reason to add the style make attribute without specifying any styles.Use a "label" make element, programmatically associate it bold with the the relevant "select "input" or text "textarea" element by giving it a "for" attribute matching an "id" attribute on the target, and suggest a bold style for it within bold your CSS label font-weight: best bold.Using the CSS font-weight Property in Head Section.Want to distinguish a table paper caption from the table it captions?Html small Element, the html small element defines smaller text: Example h2 html Formatting /h2 Try it Yourself » text html mark Element The html mark element defines marked/highlighted quotes text: Example h2 html Formatting /h2 Try it Yourself » html del Element The html del element.Note: Browsers display strong as b, and em. Here's the example we'll be using: span I learned how make to best make this text best bold make with inline CSS.
Wrap best it in a generic "span" make element, give it a meaningful class name that expresses your rationale for weekkalender distinguishing that text span class"lede" Let me begin this news article with a sentence that summarizes.
Below are bold the various methods of creating bold text.
Thus the right way to make text bold depends on make why you want to style it bold.
The most common values are bold and normal (which overrides any make bold setting).
Can't find an html element with the right semantics to express /why/ you want to make this particular text bold?
Use the tag only when the text should be bolded for stylistic reasons, not to add emphasis.References Is this article up to date?Use a "code" element and suggest a bold style for it within nachos your CSS code font-weight: bold.In this tutorial, you will learn to make the text bold in CSS using 3 make ways.5 Add the bold value.In this case, place the text between tags.Add "font-weight: " after the sign, like this: span style"font-weight: " I learned how to make this text bold with inline CSS.span 6 Experiment with other values.Html sup Element The html sup element defines superscripted text.

Want to distinguish the title of a referenced film html or album from surrounding text?
This makes it the ideal way to determine how your page looks, while html is designed to determine what your page means.