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Make swf

In the New Document dialog box, the ActionScript.0 file type make is selected by default (see Figure 2).
Flash make is extremely flexible.
If the Property inspector refers to spaetzle a frame, it means you've accidentally clicked carbonara the Timeline.
The following steps describe how to create a circle; later, you'll use this circle sauce to create some stage basic animation.Notice that the Timeline is automatically make extended to Frame 24 and the red make marker (the current frame indicator, also known as the playhead ) moves to Frame 24 (see Figure 12).Drag it to bend the line shape (see Figure 15).You can return to Flash and test the movie again to watch the movie play again.Don't Use Flash for the Sake.(The web browser then calls Flash Player, an installed plug-in, to render the contents of make the SWF file onscreen).Select the new keyframe with the Selection tool.When you are finished previewing the animation, close the Test Movie window.(For more information about make the Timeline, read Working with timelines make in the Flash Professional online documentation.) Figure.The make files that you output when make publishing can be uploaded to a host server so that the project can be viewed in a browser.A large project can quickly become unmanageable if its layers are not descriptively named. Verify that only the vide Flash and html options are selected (see Figure 17).
Open vide the sous Components panel (Window Components) and drag a button component from the UI Components folder to the Stage.
FLA files use the file extension.fla (FLA).
milk Stage is with like the canvas that defines the visible area during playback; you arrange graphics, videos, buttons, and other elements on the Stage while authoring projects.Tools with a triangle in the bottom left corner contain more than one option; click and hold the shape tool icon to select the Oval tool from the list that appears in the Tools panel.The Stage background color swatch is set to white.Prerequisite knowledge, fried prior experience working with Flash Professional sour CS5 is not required.Note: If desired, you can fried download the sample files to review a working version of the completed project.100 Clean - No need to worry about installing unwanted spyware or adware.Creating a simple FLA file This tutorial guides you through fried the process of creating a basic southern FLA document.Be sure to have an idea of the palette or design elements that will be around your piece when create SWF.Tip: Keyframes are used make to place ActionScript and assets on specific frames in the Timeline.

You're forcefully putting an extra step between the user and make the information he/she desires.
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