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Despite taking excellent care of my friends plants while he was on holiday, keeping my own plants alive is proving to be much harder.Sadly it make has been infected by my girlfriends musical taste, which is excellent but slightly different.Its in make Dutch, mind you, so you might..
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make study cards

This unique application of barking spaced repetition combines the study key make mental activities of Active Recall, Metacognition, and Spaced Repetition more effectively discoverable than any other learning tool.
Quizlet, image via Quizlet, quizlet is one of the make largest online flashcard make sites.Read the White Paper.Available on, android and iOS.So you can spend the saved time on cards more repetitions.Brainscape works by guaranteeing that each concept is repeated in just the right of time for your study brains maximum benefit.Why flashcards are so effective?Study Less, Remember More, Improve Test Scores.It also has collaborated with educators make and publishers to make create flashcards for different topics and suggests new information on each topic.You have to sort out the date in order proximity to put the most important ones onto flashcards.See our Educators' controller page.With request dozens of flashcard techniques, motivated learners can effectively study and retain factual knowledge.With flashcards, you may organize repetition in the way you you want.The Best Ways to Retain The Information You Study.Available on Web, Android and iOS.The app is free to use, but you can purchase add-on subscriptions for.99 cards a month.99 a year. Learn protein Faster with Spaced Repetition, brainscape's online flashcards app applies decades of perfect cognitive science research to make studying make as command efficient as humanly possible.
Available on, web, Android and iOS.
Its easy to navigate and has a simple, command clear design.
Read more Read, studyShack, image via StudyShack, studyShack gamifies your make flashcard experience.
Brainscape, image via Brainscape, brainscape was intended just for flashcards: there arent fancy features like quizzes or games, but Brainscape focuses on strategies that help you learn the information on your flashcards in the shortest amount of time.
The more times we hear, see, or repeat something to ourselves, the more likely we are to remember.And from your Teacher Dashboard, you can excel easily see how much your students are studying, and which topics students need the most help.StudyBlue lets you crowdsource your flashcards from others who have created flashcards on similar topics.It's very easy to prepare flashcards.But nobody has ever made it as personalized as Brainscape.For example, make you can review all your flashcards at once, a group of flashcards, or a customized set.But bars writing make out hundreds of index cards and then bringing them around make with you is a pain.At the end of each study perfect session, it gathers data on how well you know each flashcard and uses that data to later sort out which flashcards to quiz you.Their universal nature make it possible to learn foreign phrases, complex formulas, pieces of art and much more.It keeps track of your progress, creates checkpoints, and sends you reminders command to study.