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Make ssl certificate ubuntu

Activate the with configuration seitan using sudo a2ensite.
Step make 6: Change to certificate a Permanent Redirect If your redirect worked selection correctly and you are sure you want make to allow only encrypted traffic, you should modify the shadow unencrypted Apache Virtual Host again to make the redirect permanent.
We are only interested in the encryption aspect of our certificate, not the third party validation of our host's authenticity.Locality Name (eg, city) :Moscow, organization certificate Name (eg, company) Internet Widgits Pty Ltd:Your Company.State or Province Name (full name) Some-State:New York.The certificate entirety of the prompts will look something like this: Output, country screen Name (2 letter code) AU:US.As far make as we know Ubuntu is the most commonly used operating system by developers to host their websites on the internet.The SSL key is kept secret on the server.As we mentioned previously in the article, SSL can be ubuntu installed in Apache as well as Nginx.If you do not want or need this functionality, you can safely skip this section.All the apache2 sites configuration are stored at /etc/apache2/sites-available/.Preloading hsts provides increased security, but can have far reaching certificate consequences if accidentally enabled certificate or enabled incorrectly. 2 Your Connection is Not Private This can rotating happen due to make several reasons like rotating incorrect system date on your computer, network limitation, access limitation, firewall/antivirus conflict.
Before we go any solution further, let's back up the original SSL Virtual Host cable file: sudo cp /etc/apache2/sites-available/k Now, open the SSL Virtual Host file to make adjustments: sudo nano Inside, with most of the comments removed, the Virtual Host file should look something like this.
Make sure to save them to a secure location cable because you may need it in the future while configuring the server.
SslcertificateFile sSLCertificateKeyFile the path with the path of certificate files on your server.
days 365 : This option sets saline the length of time that the certificate will be considered valid.
This site is designed to provide easy-to-consume encryption solution settings for popular make software.
Organization Name (eg, company) Internet Widgits Pty Ltd:Bouncy Castles, make Inc.
We will be asked a few questions about our server in order to embed the information correctly make in the certificate.To fix this ask your SSL provider to include the necessary subdomains in the certificate.You make will be asked a series of questions.If you would like to install an entire lamp sacrifices (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on your server, you can follow make our guide on setting up lamp on Ubuntu.04.You can also see this type of error if saline the certificate issuing authority is not recognized or your certificate is expired and several other reasons.

out : This tells OpenSSL where to place the certificate that we are creating.
Open your web browser and type https followed by your server's domain name or IP into the address bar: https server_domain_or_IP Because the certificate we created isn't signed by one of your browser's trusted certificate authorities, you will likely see a ubuntu scary looking warning like.
State or Province Name (full name) Some-State:Moscow.