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Make something out to be

The book gives something advice on making out something a something ke something out something to Make the cheque make out something to Grays something Ltd.
So he made make what turned out to be a momentous decision.Some crystals are so small, a microscope is needed to make something them out.It made one call out to her.For tourists it make is also very frustrating to have make journeys out to the suburbs to shop for food.Make make out a case (for something) Perhaps she should stay and try and make out a case for herself.Two days later Joyce phoned to ask about the check, so I had to make out I'd already mailed.This is not the sacrilege some have made it out.Pope's enemies were rarely such fools as he made them out to be, and the Dissertation deserves attention. His lips seemed to be make mouthing something, but Robert could not make simple out make what it was.
Anna cheated on me and make destroyed everything we had been dreaming about, thats why I will never make up with her.
Mary has always been a cake very polite make and well brought-up child, I dont know what make of her bad behavior now.
Your make intense music and constant phone calls dont make for my effective preparation for the simples final exam.At first, card I couldn't make out what I was seeing.Lets suppose someone is exaggerating make the magnitude of a problem.How shall I say the above sentence in a simpler make make way and using simpler structure in English?Fewer people make it out to the peninsula.He turned and made soup out what he thought was a doorway.I bought a broken-down cottage for a ridiculous sum and with the help of my family made it into a dream mansion with all comforts.He squinted to make out what Petey was up to in the yard.There are some flaws, however, in her behaviour that make her turn out to be not so impressive.For example: they face an accident on the way home and start to fabricating some stories about the event that never has happened.They may say: You are making this out to be a bigger deal than it really.Both sides could make out a case that they deserved to win make and should have been awarded penalties.make out like a bandit Insurance companies always make out like bandits.