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Make soft roti

Roll each ball into thin circles(rolling should sushi be even).Dust food flour if pfsense required but dont add more flour while rolling.
Melt the butter make then return to the dough.Allow the roti to cook for a soft 5-10 seconds before turning it over.Heat tawa, keep in medium flame add the roti and roti wait soft till make small bubbles appear, then flip to other side wait for few peri mins till golden spots appear.Add lukewarm water little by little and gather the dough with your fingers.Careful not to burn your fingers as this can be quite hot, use a spatula if you like.Few months back, when one of my friend asked how to make phulka / pulka the way they show in ads and asked me to post itthe curiosity roti again kicked up but this time I saw many videos, asked my North make Indian neighbor and learnt.Phulka also known as roti or chapati is a popular Indian flat soft bread made with wheat flour.Phulkas / Pulkas are nothing but Indian flat bread, which is normally dry and prepared roti without adding any fat.Also the side that is not cooked to golden brown should be facing down under direct make flame.Keep practicing and you will succeed. Dont be online tempted to add in more flour while rollingas we online are not adding any oil free and make if you add more flour while rolling the rotis will be very dry and also taste raw.
To cook your soft online roti simply place on the hot preheated pan (the pan should online be hot).The cooking process for each roti should be 1 minute.
Get that right, and youll have perfect roti every time.
If you do not have a make gas stove, you can make phulka puff up on electric stove also with the help of make a tava.
There should be no holes or puncture in the rolled out dough.
Take some of the remaining flour and dust the worktop.Heat a tava or skillet on medium high searchable heat, once heated, put the rolled out dough.I used to make rotis as shown below in my earlier html days of marriage.I personally prefer Aashirwad brand.Once the rotis are done, brush it with ghee / oil and transfer it to a hotpack penis and wrap it in a kitchen towel / tissue which will keep it hot and soft until serving time.