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Make site offline

Automatically cleans cookies, history, cache, index.
black You should do this in site every page in site a site make that you want to make available offline.You don't need to use a version number.Creating a "Lazy" Manifest The html5 specification includes among its examples the following extremely simple manifest: offline cache background manifest fallback: / /ml network: * Instead of downloading all pages immediately, the browser stores only the fallback page (ml) and pages that are visited while the user.Creating a Manifest, the manifest is a plain text file that must facebook be offline saved with.manifest filename extension.You can also specify alternative files to be displayed if the user is offline.Clean, erase, delete, remove, index.Serving the Manifest You attach a manifest to a web page with the html5 manifest attribute in the opening html offline tag like this: html manifest"nifest" offline The value of the manifest attribute should be a document-relative or site-root-relative path to the manifest file.Upload the.htaccess file to your website.Keeping the cache up to date More offline often make than not, updates to a site involve changing the contents of a file without changing its name.Both files are listed on the same line and separated by one or more make spaces.Org, explanation of the various flags: -mirror Makes (among other things) the download recursive.So, other resourcessuch as style sheets and imagesare not stored in the application offline cache unless they're listed in the explicit section of the manifest.Using wget you can make such copy easily: wget -mirror -convert-links -adjust-extension offline -page-requisites -no-parent http example. If they're the same, it assumes the cache doesn't need updating.
The first make line inside the manifest file should look like this: cache manifest.
The explicit speaker section is the default, so files listed immediately after cache manifest are automatically downloaded and cached.
You create sections by placing a section header on a separate line.
Following this is a list of files grouped according to how you want them to be treated when the user is offline: Explicit section.
Light green shows full support; darker green shows partial support; and pink indicates no support.
To specify make alternatives for files that can't be accessed offline, create a fallback section by placing the following section header on a separate line: fallback: online Each entry in the fallback section lists a file in the online site followed by the location of a substitute.If make your site accesses resources make on other domains or subdomains, you should add an asterisk on a line of its own in the online whitelist section like this: network: this indicates that access to resources on other domains is not blocked.Specifying files that should be cached.Although browsers automatically cache recently downloaded files, what's different about html5 is that you can instruct the browser to download files in advance of their being bluetooth When recursing do not ascend to the parent directory.It useful for restricting the download to only a portion make of the site.adjust-extension Adds suitable extensions to filenames (html or css) depending on their content-type.You've just clicked a link and the page is beginning to load when your train enters a tunnel.For example: fallback: / ml phone This substitutes ml for any file not listed elsewhere.All calls files in this section are downloaded automatically, even if they're not required for the current page.Figure.1 shows which browsers support offline applications as reported.Although it's a text file, make sure it's not saved with.txt filename extension.Dat, cookies, get links, save pages and images.

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If it detects offline a change, all the files are downloaded again, updating the application cache.