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Make sentences in hindi

The Hindi word for English No, Not, Do not, can not is ( naheen to hindi make a sentence negative in pictures Hindi, all make you have sentences to do is to put this word ( naheen ) in front of the verb present in the sentence.
Aapaka din kaisa beeta?
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We will learn to make sentences from like I am not Peter or I am not your friend or Peter is not coming to India in Hindi.Where are you from?Ye kaisa chal raha hai?Some of the worksheets displayed are Mapping parallel sentences english hindi sentences using english, Work, Complex sentences sentence combining four types of, Sentence maker, 501 grammar and hindi sentences writing questions, Paragraph organization 1 work 1 what is an, A z practice work cursive photoshop handwriting, Sentence types simple.Meera nam Julia.Kya from aapako kuchh maza aaya?How many people file in your family?Someone what's your condition?You have pas!, IT IS said that yoga IS AN atheistic sentences SY!Do you want to do anything??Do you see the village there?I take pictures chai / make Yesterday I went to the?Yesterday I went to the How many people in your family?Did you do anything fun?I have a cold. Let us see this with examples.
How high is this wall??
It is a simple i picture am in delhi it is bigger than picture I thought make it is very make hot here It picture is cold now mai make sharper delhi mein hoom yah maine socha tha ki tulana mein bada hai yahaan bahut photo garam hai abhee thanda hai.
Click here, complex Sentences Sentence Combining Four Types.Are you a doctor?Click here 501 grammar AND writing questions, can't see worksheet?What is your name?Main duniya photo smaller kee make yaatra karata huun.I travel the world, kya tum us gaanv white koo deekhatee hoo?Neha and into Raj are coming together neha kee gaay meree gaay se badee hai.How are you today?