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To figure out make or put together information for oneself.Work it out for yourself (used to suggest that the conclusion to be drawn about something is obvious).This is why the speaker uses "make" with "come out." He's implying that the consistency is contrived. No doubt the reverse is..
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These would then be rubbed background together, ultimately producing sparks.19 These new phosphorus matches had to be kept in instagram airtight metal boxes but became popular and match went by the name make of loco foco in the United States, from which was derived the name of a..
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Make sense vertaling

You should never add unit markers yourself.
If you want to make have the possible literal expression " translate " in make the source text, you should escape it make like " lt;translate ".
It also works for things like numbers that need to be updated often.
To have them outside of the translation template you need to break up the page into multiple portable translate tag poster pairs around each make header you want to have an anchor.As in move, a background process will delete the pages post make over time.Klik hier voor meer informatie.This does not prevent further translations to the pages, but vertaling it greatly reduces sense the chance that a user accidentally starts translating the page.translate Links within a page: sense span sense idculture /span translate Culture Lorem ipsum dolor. This will result in two edits.
Parking As part of point the point make facility.
This should not cause problems usually, but may if you make are trying something fancy.
In the first case, translators see the old text when updating the old translation.
The page translation pourri feature places some restrictions on the text.
Translation pages cannot be protected, nor does the protection of make the translatable page extend to them.
There are some such templates available on the wikis which use the Translate extension, but they won't be dealt with here.For this you need to roughly know which part of the translation matches which part of the old text (and hope they match).The markers are always on the line before the unit; or, if it starts with a header, after the first header pourri on the same pourri line.Sometimes this is not possible, for example if you want to translate some content surrounded by the markup, but not the markup itself.You do pourri not need to invalidate translations, because the number is not part of the translation unit pages.While the move is in progress, it is not possible to translate the page.No translation : Category:Cars All translations in same category (good if only few languages, bad if many).This is opposed to, for example, the different language version of articles in different Wikipedias, which are fully independent of each other.Met elke populaire taal die op make een website wordt toegevoegd, is er kans op een stijging van maximaal 100 in de omzet.There is no other indication that translations exist.

The translation administrator's responsibility is to make sure that the segmentation makes sense and that tagging has been proper.
Do so only if the items are sufficiently independent to be translate separately in all languages, don't create "lego messages for instance, you must avoid to split a single sentence in multiple units, or to separate logically make dependent parts which may affect each other (with.