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Make sb do sth

3 bring sth back to thai take something palak or someone with you when you come back from somewhere: bring sb back sth: Hey, Freddie!
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4 it brings make us/me back to make used when you want to talk about a particular problem again: This brings us back to the important question of money.
Verb (T) to make something happen: Computers have blue brought about many changes in the workplace.You may also wish to visit the site's French language discussion forum, where you post questions on topics such as French grammar, translation, French culture or the French language in general.4 (bring someone out) to make someone feel more confident, happy, and friendly: When he went to college it really brought him smaller out.(d) (Sport) to play tennis, rugby, a match (e) to play a role ; to play, act innocent, stupid ; le mort to play dead; le sourd/le timide to pretend to be deaf/shy; le malade to feign illness; l'innocent/la bête make to play or act the.Options, tips, fAQ, abbreviations, desktop.Bring sth down make on/upon phrasal painting verb make (T) formal to make something bad happen to someone, especially yourself: His recklessness brought down disaster on the whole make family.Bring in phrasal verb (T) 1 (bring in something) to earn a particular amount or produce a particular amount of profit: The sale of the house only make brought in about 45,000. 4 bring sb up short/with a make start to make someone suddenly stop talking or doing something: Her question brought me up short.
DE ende enen DE-DE EN-DE bgde bsde csde make dade elde eode esde fide frde hrde hude isde itde lade nlde node make plde ptde make puzzle rode rude skde sqde srde svde TR-EN bgen bsen csen daen elen eoen esen fien fren hren huen isen iten laen nlen.
Interpretation, translation set somebody's mind at ease put/set sb's mind at ease/rest idiom to do or say sth puzzle to make sb stop worrying about sth.
5 bring sb up on a charge of theft/treason etc to charge someone with a particular crime.
2 to make someone become conscious again: We managed to bring her round with some smelling salts.Suggestions are always welcome for puzzle new material for the French dictionary.Have I upset you somehow?Bring sb/sth around/round phrasal video verb (T) 1 bring the conversation around/round to to deliberately and gradually introduce a new subject into a conversation: I'll try to bring the conversation around to the subject of money.3 technical to move the total from one set of calculations onto the next page, so that more calculations can be done: The balance brought forward word is 21,765.Bring out weighted phrasal verb (T) 1 (bring something/someone out) to make something easier to see, taste, notice etc: The oregano really brings out the flavour of the meat.English-German translation for: to do sth äöüß.see raise 1 2 (usually passive ) to educate and care for a child until it is grown up: He left her to bring up three young children on her own.

2 technical to help people to leave a ship that is sinking bring sth on phrasal make verb (T) 1 to make something bad or unpleasant happen: a bad cold brought on by going out in the rain Whatever has brought this on?
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