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Make ps3 theme

make ps3 theme

This step will be more easy when user has two window open, where one window showing the make content of make Step 1_Create and the other window showing the content of overs Step 2_Assemble.
Glaurung said: Apparently the last two items in the XML file are theme the font type and color parameters.
There will be one more file named theme PS3Theme_template.Now connect the device to your Playstation 3 or insert the memory stick into the reader.As you android do this, a new window will appear which will show the progress of the program as it put all the things together of your theme.Many of us always feels the need to have our own style of theme on our PS3.Copy this file to a USB device or to memory sticks.That's all hope it helps!C) same thing for all other icons: you just need to repeat the procedure.2) Once you finished, go theme to the 2nd tab (Icons, Colors, Font here you can choose the theme color for the options, the font types, ecc.As for the pointers, well you can leave everything as it is (unless you've already created them) because the program will automatically use the default ones.So, here is what you have to do: a) theme highlight User in the Main theme Menu column, click the Browse button under theme the box placed to the right of the column and upload the User icon you created.Step 3: Install, make go back to Step 1_Create folder, which will now consist of more new files with GIM extension which are special temp make file. First of all, make you need to create your theme icons, remembering their size is always 128128 pixels (except Photo File and Photo Album which are tool 170128 pxl, meaning Video File and Video Album which are 228128 pxl, Game File which is 322178 over pxl, Game Album which.
Once kapsalon done with the kapsalon editing overwrite the original icon with the new custom icon of yours.
By highlighting every icon's name in the Main Menu column, the related sub-icons will be displayed in the Sub Menu column.
About the Sound Effects, I suggest you to not use them for now, because it would over require another veeery long tutorial.
Zip which is of size.77MB from over this link.
Ok, once you finished creating your over icons and/or kapsalon backgrounds, you need to put them together using Theme Builder.Inside over this folder, you'll find another one with the name of your theme: it contains all the images and icons you used AND.p3t file that's your theme!Also, you can choose different languages (but remember that you have to reinsert the theme name and the other informations for each language you decide to use you can put your name, the theme's genre, the version (for example.56,.60 and so on, like.P3t will also be there which is nothing but the new Theme file.Color of the Options menu, select one of the following theme colors provided by the system." there are 12, make font colour does not seem to be changeable.The dimension of the icon should not be alter, if it is 140 X 140 pixels before editing than it should be of the same size after editing also.

PlayStation 3 has a theme feature of allowing gamers to create their own theme and install them.
Zip, this zip file consist of all the necessary and required files and step of the process.