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Make printed circuit board at home

For complicated and make precise patterns like IC footprints, you can use letter transfer.
Now, make iron the make photo paper all along using the home tip and applying little pressure for about 5 to 15 mins.Take a board print out of your PCB layout using the laser printer and the A4 photo paper/glossy paper.Once done, the bottom of the board cards looks something like this.Once your sketch looks good, trace over it with a permanent black marker.It windows will remove the oxide layer from the board as well as makes the board rough so that paper can stick properly.For this, you need to apply a thin and uniform layer of photoresist varnish on make your copper (or buy PCBs with photoresist already on make print (or photocopy) your layout on transparent films, lay the film make on the PCB and expose to UV light. Then put the scratch hot iron on the other end for make about 10 seconds.
Warning: You can see fumes coming out of the container as soon as you add the water.
Over the years, I looked for alternative methods that make could speed up the process and make that do not require expensive or hard to find materials.
We all are very familiar with, printed Circuit Boards or, pCBs as they are easily found in television sets, computers and make in every electronic device.
First draw make it using pencil and then use marker over the pencil sketch.
If you do not have alcohol, you can use Acetone (also available as nail paint remover).
Place school the copper side of the board on the top and place the iron box on the board and slow start ironing the board.4) The Fecl3 reacts with the unmasked date copper and removes the unwanted copper from the PCB.Feel free to comment if you have made a similar make board or any suggestions to the other readers.Take a Copper Clad PCB Board and mark the size of the board on one corner.Than wash it to remove games all the soap and let it dry.Some words are listed here to give you a head-start: Autodesk Eagle, pCBWizard, designing a Circuit Schematic in Autodesk Eagle: In Eagle: File Export ImageBe sure to set dpig to 1200 for better quality.If you don't have one, you can still get away with just a flatiron, but make requires some more practice.Applying a uniform layer of photoresist is not easy and you have to work fast (or in low light make conditions).So, always wear safety gloves and safety glasses.This will increase the thickness of the ink, but alignment is critical and it's not easy.Step 1: Creating PCB Layout of Your Circuit.To handle the PCB in the solution I use plastic tweezers so that I don't have to dip my fingers in the acid.Some people use aquarium equipment to automate these three actions.Getting the Board Ready for Toner Transfer.

After using this method for many years, I decided to look for a simpler method.
Caution: Do not directly touch copper plate because it is very hot due to ironing.