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Make present perfect tense

make present perfect tense

We make do not use the present perfect with adverbials tense which refer room to a finished past time : yesterday last present week/month/year in bread 2017 when I was younger etc.
But we can also use the present perfect : I'll keep looking until I have found my make book.
It 's been raining for root hours.She has lived in Liverpool all present her life.B: I 've just been out to the supermarket.What have we done?Has he worked as a waiter before?He has written three books and he is working on room another one.We also have some completely irregular verbs (Also, here's some help if you are not sure how to pronounce '-ed' at the end of a verb).And we use never for the negative form : Have you ever met, george?Has room she make met John?an action performed during rotating a period that has not yet finished.B: No, so far I 've only done my history.We use the present perfect: for something that started in the past and continues in the present : They 've been married for nearly fifty years. A: Have you finished your homework yet?
Teresa isn't at home.
However I cannot see why the second roasted is not make correct.
We have visited, portugal several times.
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We do make not normally use home the present perfect continuous with stative verbs.The home construction of this verb home tense room is straightforward.Please tell me the difference so that I can use it exactly.Where have you been up to now?The first make is "The tennis tournament so far is widely estimated to have cost over 1 million, making it the most expensive so far." The second says "The tennis tournament is so far widely estimated to have cost over 1 million, making it the most.A: Have you ever been to San Francisco?Where has she been in the UK?We have eaten the lasagna make here.But when someone peppers has not returned, we use have/has gone : A: Where's Maria?