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Make prefix command

(configure (error somename ( ltsomeversion (or higher) not found.
Make install destdir number 2 is pack for installing to online a cash temporary directory which is not where the package make will be run from.
(configure (error not found.(configure (error C make preprocessor "CC (-E fails sanity check.OR checking for somename.Sign up, simples you cant perform that action at this command time.Make install prefix number 3 is going to install it make to a different place but not create all the directories as destdir/foo/bar/baz would.It's what you should use if you're just compiling something for use on a single from host.He may have a different version installed already and not want to disturb it, or he may not even be root.You signed out in another tab or window.I include dir if you have headers in a nonstandard directory include dir CXX C compiler command cxxflags C compiler flags sinus prefix CPP C preprocessor cxxcpp C preprocessor.It's commonly used with GNU stow via./configure -prefix/usr/local make sudo make install prefix/usr/local/stow/foo, which would install binaries in /usr/local/stow/foo/bin.configure -prefix number 1 determines where the package will go when it is installed, and where it will look for its associated files when it is run.By default, make install' will install all the files in /usr/local/freeswitch/bin /usr/local/freeswitch/lib' etc. So he uses./configure -prefix/usr so the name program will expect to name be installed in /usr when it runs, command then make make install simple destdirdebian/tmp to actually make create the directory structure.
(configure (error cannot find header (file) somename.h.
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(configure (error C preprocessor lib/cpp" fails sanity check.Install by running: make install real 15m25.832s user 11m29.939s sys 3m41.169s su -c 'make install'.Join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 40 make million developers working together make to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.OR (configure (error (header) (file) somename.h missing!Reload to refresh your session.By comparison, make install destdir/usr/local/stow/foo would install binaries.Freeswitch Build Complete Freeswitch has make been successfully built.Some influential make environment variables: CC C compiler command cflags C compiler flags ldflags linker flags,.g.L lib dir if you have libraries in a nonstandard directory lib dir cppflags C/C preprocessor flags,.g.You can specify an installation prefix other than /usr/local/freeswitch' using -prefix for instance -prefixhome'.(Please check your installation!).For example this is used when building deb packages.Installation style directories: -prefixprefix install architecture-independent files in prefix /usr/local/freeswitch -exec-prefixeprefix install architecture-dependent files in eprefix prefix.