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Make phone case at home

make phone case at home

24 5 Remove your phone phone phone and sew along home the pinned edges.
Let the glue dry, then cut out the camera hole with a phone craft blade.
Do not case cover the sides of software the phone case.What if you make could personalize your trusty sidekick yourself and infuse it with a bit of your own flavors?14 make 9 Let cream the silicone dry before removing.Its fun, its home fresh and its completely make unique!6 make Add scrapbook paper to make the inside of a clear cell phone case. You don't have to do this, but it a good way to make your phone case look more interesting.
Press the paper design-side-down into the glue.
Just feed sew a small flap onto it and make attach Velcro or make a button to it so that it closes.
If you are making make a lined case, make with two different colors of felt, choose one color to be on the inside, and the other color to be on the outside.Choose a color that goes well feed with your case.In this video tutorial we make a mobile cover which protect make your mobile and give good look to your mobile.Buy some washi make tape in coordinating make colors or patterns.Pour some cornstarch onto a smooth counter or into a glass bowl, then squeeze some clear silicone onto.5 Roll the dough into a flat feed sheet.Floral ringtone Paper Check out Our Holly Days if you want make to use some floral paper in your new design.Galaxy Check out this galaxy-covered phone case that you can learn how to make over at YouTube.Also, make sure that you avoid the buttons make and sockets.

Once it is case dry and solid to the touch (you can't dent it pull it off of your phone.
Slide a paint spatula under the dough, then lift it up and fold the dough over the sides of the phone.
Again, hot glue is not the best medium to create a perfectly smooth case, so your best bet is to make a texture of pattern.