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Make pattern photoshop

To convert the layer into a Smart Object, go up to partition the Filter menu at the top of partition the screen and select make Convert for Smart Filters.
Smart Filters were first introduced in Photoshop CS3, which means you'll need make at least photoshop Photoshop CS3 if you make want the added benefits that Smart Filters offer (I'll be using Photoshop CS4 myself but this effect can be created with any version of Photoshop, including Photoshop.
Site design by pasta Steve Patterson.Before we can use Smart Filters though, we first need to perfect convert our layer into a Smart Object.This is why Smart Filters make life so much easier, since we can easily go back and try different filter settings any time pattern we want.And there make we have it!M on your keyboard to quickly select it with the shortcut: The Rectangular vegetables Marquee Tool is one of Photoshop's basic make selection tools.102, past shares, written by Steve Patterson.Set the parameters to 900; 900.Rectangular Marquee Tool which allows us to easily draw rectangular-shaped selections.Go to file - new and create new document with next options: - 1800x1800 px - 300 dpi, step 2: Creating a Shape. The Color Halftone filter was designed to make simulate the look of a traditional four color offset printing press, converting the image into a series of overlapping make colored dots at various sizes.
Background layer from view: Since "Layer 1" is above the Background layer, the photo below it bracelet is temporarily blocked pancakes from view by the solid white fill color.
Nothing will seem to make have changed in pizza the document window, but if we look in the bottom right corner of the preview thumbnail for "Layer 1" in the Layers palette, a small Smart Object icon has appeared, letting us know that the layer is now.
That's how to create a halftone pattern photo border with Photoshop!
This tutorial is from our, photo Effects series.
Step 7: Saving Your Pattern, now we can save our new pattern to Photoshop pat.
pizza When home you're done, you should have a rectangular selection outlining home the four edges of the photo border: Try to leave an equal amount of space around each edge for the photo border.Then select your pattern and bracelet set any parameters you want to use.In other words, there's nothing on it at the moment: The preview thumbnail to the left of a layer's name shows us what's currently on the layer.I'm home going to set my radius value to somewhere around 16 pixels.Step 7: Apply The Color Halftone Filter Go back up to the Filter menu and this time, choose Pixelate, then choose Color Halftone : Go to Filter Pixelate Color Halftone.Step 5: Creating Pattern.We need to define the edges of our photo border, and for that, we'll use Photoshop's.In either make case, we're simply converting the layer into a Smart Object: Smart Objects first appeared in Photoshop CS2, home followed by Smart Filters in Photoshop CS3.This is the layer that contains our image.You can undo the step and retry the filter with a different value as many times as needed.White from the list to the right of the word.

Step 4: Fill The Selected Area With Black We need to fill the selected area with black, and we can use the same Fill command we used earlier when we filled the entire layer with white.
The size of the largest circles in the pattern was set with the Max Radius value a moment ago: The halftone pattern appears.
This method also pattern works well with your text layers and png files.