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Make own rss feed

Here is the API feed I created if you want to make try (requires login m/apis/3qhk4fyq, feed other services that yahoo I quickly tried are.
3 ways to create a podcast-only feed.We need to add the itunes:new-feed-url tag to your make RSS feed to tell just iTunes (and its nice cousins) yahoo to use a different feed.Adding an image is optional, but highly recommended for podcasts.You may make think that because you need a podcast-only feed, you should also have a blog-only feed.You can clone my own Yahoo!description /item /channel words /rss 5 Save feed your file.Feedly or the late Google make Reader, make they will be able to read your blog posts, read your podcast shownotes, and even listen to your podcast from their app. Remember the spotify above would be repeated for every entry on your address website.
Youll go to: Blog Settings - Syndication Then click Connect under Podcasting Setup.
Okay #10006, make method 1 Using RSS Creation Software 1, find an RSS creation program.
When youre ready to update the XML file on the website, click the Publish Feed button.
This RSS feed would look something like m/category/podcast/feed where podcast is the slug from your category name.
Click on Set iTunes New Feed URL.
Then you should see a link to get your feed URL: Before make you submit it, youll need to head back to your dashboard and visit Podcast Settings under the Podcast Feed section: Just make address sure you fill out the all the fields and save.Make sure you dont upload your audio files directly to website host (with Squarespace make being the one exception) as that account will cause major issues.Copy the URL again /guid pubDate Wed, 15:17:32 GMT (Note: The date must be in this format) /pubDate description Description for your content.Before you can start entering your content information, you need to add your RSS header information.You may also need to add other details to your feed with FeedBurners options.Add the podcast-only feed on your site for courtesy Not everyone subscribes to podcasts with iTunes or Apple devices, so post your podcast-only RSS feed on your site so these people can easily subscribe.357: Creating an Award Winning Podcast 358: Building a Podcast Network EFF needs your help to protect podcasting!Or you can get (or create) your feed from your own website if you use something like Squarespace address or the PowerPress life plugin for WordPress.It can also automatically manage the RSS feed on your website without having to upload the file each time.5, create the XML file.When you need your RSS feed for other directories, its just 2 additional clicks to copy it: If you need to make any adjustments to your podcast info, just click Podcast Settings up top.rss version"2.0" channel title spotify Title of your Feed /title link m/ /link description This is the description of your Feed.Check out our review of Blubrry to learn more.