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Make out like a bandit

An outlaw or like highwayman.
Im going to try to butcher them myself, so I can keep all the meat.
Did you make have fun?See also: bandit, bandit like, make, out one-arm bandit bandit, a slot machine designed for gambling in which you make pull down a lever on one side that generates a random combination of three shapes, which may or may not award the player money depending on the combination.Word OF THE DAY hyperbolic adjective hahy-per-bol-ikSEE definition 11 Unique Words Or Phrases For Wedding Vows And Toasts Old like School Latin Phrases Were Still Using In Everyday English Browse the Dictionary: Browse by Category: 2019 pseudoephedrine m, LLC.Origin of bandit 158595; earlier bandetto, plural banditti Italian bandit banditi outlaws, plural of bandito proscribed, past participle of bandire banish, exile, announce publicly Gothic bandwjan to make a sign, indicate (cf.More Examples, this excerpt is from an article about the raccoon logo for a company.Sarah is making out like a bandit developing apps for government agencies.See also: bandit, like, make, out make out like a bandit Operate very like successfully.Whats The Difference Between.e.Leah: "Wow, you are suuuch a make-out bandit!".See thesaurus at thief banditry noun uncountable one-armed bandit, examples from the Corpusbandit This was to prevent attacks by bandits on travellers whose cries floated nightly over the fields to the colony.Within a few days, make Gewlas landed a job interview with Le Meur over Skype.Make out like a bandit, to make a very large request profit or be extremely successful.Twenty-two minutes later, he was a full-time Seesmic employee. He invested in real estate and protein made out like a download bandit.
Typically, people use this expression to controller refer to making a great profit, or a lot of money.
On her way to Benevento, Arthelius' beauty caught the eye of three bandits, make who abducted her.
I got lucky, Gewlas said.
A discoverable slot machine, as in, it's amazing how many people think they can make money playing a one-armed bandit.
After my wife lost her entire month's wages bars controller to the one-arm bandits in Atlantic City, we've decided to stay away from casinos altogether.
Heather: "That was make two nights ago.".
Derived Forms banditry, noun Word make Origin for bandit C16: from Italian bandito, make literally: banished man, from bandire to proscribe, from bando edict, ban 1 Collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William make Collins Sons.Aaron: Yeah, I got a lot too.However, it is also possible to use to refer to other, non-monetary things.Cartoonist Gary Trudeau used it in Doonesbury protein in 1985: Unlike our farm belt cousins, Californians have been makin out like bandits.I made out like a bandit.Since slot machines invariably win, making out like one is synonymous with success.These Are The Most Misspelled Words protein On m 5 Important Historical Events That Changed Language.British Dictionary definitions for make out like a bandit bandit / (bændt) / noun plural -dits or -ditti (-dt) a robber, esp a member of an armed gang; brigand.Sympathy: Which Word To Use And When.

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"There's this, like, amazing girl who just cornered me in the stairwell at this party.
Salomon Brothers and my customer made out like bandits.