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Make olaf

make olaf

Place the olaf little leg on olaf top make of a piece of styrofoam and diagram put the make wooden date skewer through the fondant and in to the styrofoam.
Now for the teeth.
Bring your rocks, and place them on top of those semi-circles.
Spray the area with water to ensure the teeth hold their shape.Take a bit make of snow off right where his mouth (and eventually teeth) will.12 Using your other rocks, place one of them on the smallest ball, and the other two on the bottom.3, find other people to help.Roll a small piece of white fondant and flatten.Support them with cotton and boxes/bowls olaf or whatever you have that matches the height.2, find a suitable location.Because it is a strange shape, it may not balance at first.This is where Olaf's make eyes will go, as well as the carrot for his nose.8, stick the carrot nose.Make a little hole diagram on top of Olafs head with the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool and put a bit of water.10 Place Olaf's head on his body.9, make carve out the teeth. Though it is possible to build an Olaf by yourself, it will be much easier (and more fun) to do it with saline others.
They need to dry before make sandwich you make can salted use them so its a good idea to do these next.
This is were his big smile is going.
In many scenes, Olaf is waving, so you may want to position make one up and one down.2, roll a large snowball for the samsung base smart of Olaf.Click here to share your story.Posted 5 years Ago.Roll out caramel three caramel small balls of black fondant and attach them to the body make with water.Spray that area with water if desired.6, make Olaf's eyes.Lastly make the other make little leg in the same way salted as the first one.Once youve put him together in your favorite pose, use clear tape on the back side to keep him together.Roll out a piece of dark blue fondant.Let it dry for a couple of hours.