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Make noun of die

make noun of die

Verb edit photo die Obsolete spelling of dye 1739, John Cay, An abridgment of the publick statutes in force and use from Magna Charta, in the ninth year of King Henry III, to the eleventh year of his present Majesty King George II, inclusive, Drapery, xxvii.
Watts words pasted upon little flat tablets or dies Noun edit die ( plural dice ) A noun regular polyhedron, usually a cube, with numbers noun or symbols on make each side and used in games of chance.
Usage notes edit A preceding comma may alter the meaning of a clause starting with a relative pronoun.Thus in "Dice is a game played with dice the first occurrence noun is singular, make the second occurrence is plural.( intransitive, of a computer program) To abort, to terminate (as an photo error photos condition).Websters New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.(now rare) followed by with as an indication of direct cause: 1600, William Shakespeare, Much make Ado About Nothing, make Act III, Scene I: Therefore let Benedicke like covered fire, / Consume away in sighes, waste inwardly: / It were a better death, to die with mockes.( intransitive, of a machine) To stop working, to break down.1961, Joseph Heller, Catch-22, Simon Schuster 1999, page 232: Englishmen make are dying for England, Americans noun are dying for America, Germans are dying for Germany, Russians are dying for Russia.If a die were marked with one figure or number of spots on four sides, and with another figure or number of spots on the two remaining sides, it would be more probable, that photo the former would turn up than the latter; 2017 noun December.A device for cutting into a specified shape.Word origin of 'die mE dien OS doian, to die, OE dead, OHG tot, dead.Die vensters those windows Inflection edit Pronoun edit die m or f or pl (relative) who, whom, which, that Ik ken geen mensen die dat kunnen. "death" Vladimir Orel, A Handbook of Germanic online Etymology (Leiden, Netherlands: Brill, 2003).
Compare the following sentences: Alle arbeiders die staken zullen op sancties moeten rekenen.
Verb intransitiveWord forms: died or dying.
2007, Frank Herbert Kevin.
Middle Dutch edit Etymology 1 edit From Old Dutch thie, thia, from Proto-Germanic *sa.
As in Old High German ther, der cartoon it replaced the original masculine and feminine nominative forms from Proto-Germanic *sa.
Usage notes edit English transcriptions make of Mandarin speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences noun employed in the Mandarin language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone.
( obsolete ) That which is, or might be, determined, by a throw of the die; hazard; chance.Noun edit die m ( plural dies ) day Antonyms edit Norwegian Bokmål edit Etymology edit Probably from Danish make die, from Old Danish di, from Germanic *dijana-, *dejana- Verb edit die ( imperative di, present tense dier, passive dies, simple past and past participle dia.Declension edit Anagrams edit Hunsrik edit Alternative forms edit ti ( Wiesemann spelling system ) Pronunciation edit Article edit die ( definite ) inflection of där : nominative / accusative singular feminine nominative / accusative plural all genders Declension edit Further reading edit Interlingua edit.Noun edit die ( plural dies ) Obsolete spelling of dye 1749, Henry Fielding, Tom Jones He hath carried his friendship to this man to a blameable length, by too long concealing facts of the blackest die.Nonstandard spelling of dié.Theology make to suffer spiritual death, idioms: synonymy note: die1 is the basic, simple, direct word meaning to stop round living or to become dead;, music decease, expire, and pass away (see pass2,.Inflection edit This determiner needs an inflection-table make template.Spectator letting the secret die within his own breast Tennyson Great deeds cannot die.I don't know any people who can do that.Alle arbeiders, die staken, zullen op sancties moeten rekenen.( figuratively, intransitive, hyperbolic) To be so overcome with emotion or laughter as to be incapacitated.In the first sentence, only the workers on strike are advised to expect sanctions.(as a demonstrative pronoun) this one; that one; these ones; those ones; she ; her ; it ; they ; them die da that one/she/they there Usage notes edit In a subordinate clause, die indicates a person or thing make referenced in the main clause.See die in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.

Anderson, Sandworms of Dune, Tor 2007, page 191: "Or all of them will die from the plague.
Followed by of ; general noun use: He died of embarrassment.
Even if most of the candidates succumb." followed by for ; often expressing wider contextual motivations, though sometimes indicating direct causes: He died for the one he loved.