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Make notes or take notes

2) make Please take make note of the following changes in reimbursement procedures, effective Monday next week.
Don't write take it unless you are writing a dictionary.
And I can't use it in any case.Make notes on/about something write something down Take notes on/about something write something down E Esteli make New Member Spanish, Spain Aug picture 23, 2011 Ume said: "take note (of something This means "to pay attention to make take something".In this sense, the speaker is not commanding the second party to actually write notes, but rather to be aware of a given situation.This is very important.Taking notes is generally used to mean "jotting facts down to aid in remembering.".Not sure if others agree notes but that's how I would read the two sentences.They require full sentences.I will have to make make note of that.M, language Forums, u Ume, banned, japanese, jul take 19, 2008.To make note of something mental note. Jul 19, 2008, oiseau Pourqui?
M, language Forums, sep 23, make 2013 to take notes notes of sth to take note of sth, picture do these two phrases have the into same meaning (to write darker down)?
1) Please make a note of the following changes in make make reimbursement procedures, effective Monday next week.
U, ume, banned, japanese, jul 19, 2008, monkey and nzfauna, Thank you for the responses.To take a note.e write picture something down.May 20, 2014 Then, in classroom, when you ask your students to write something down on their notes, can make I say as follows?Make a note.Imperative, write something down.Jul 19, 2008, in this context, make I think they would be understood in the same way.But the important point here is that I want to ask about picture the difference in the meaning between "take notes" and "take note" @ sdgraham: "Not only do they not mean the same thing, but they are not sentences.".I have two sentences as follows: He sat taking notes of everything that was said.Last edited: Sep 23, 2013, prairiefire, senior Member.

This means "to write something down doesn't it?
I think only "make a note" is used when talking literally about writing.
P.S.: If my way of asking shows notes the lack of respect, please forgive me, sdgraham.