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Make netherlands great again

Filed in, nEWS analyzes by, rice martin Vrijland on make 10 Comments source: It is quite remarkable and at netherlands the peri same time quite flashy how the spin doctors put the left versus right force field on high voltage in recent days.
Does again that larger feel right?
Trump wants to build a satay wall but the Netherlands has a greater sollution against the Mexian immigrants.The only real change must (and can only) begin with those who maintain the power pyramid.Right, anti-Islam, anti-immigration is linked to anti-EU, nationalism and criticism through people like Wilders perfect and Baudet; whereby criticism is linked to the stigma chutney of conspiracy thinking.You actually think it's fine this way?Oh well, you might actually find that feeling safe.Is that conspiracy thinking?Convenience, narcissism, money or simply blindness to what's going on: you name.In several articles I have explained how the game of controlled opposition works and how there are large groups of people in the population who are secretly working for the established order.Is home netherlands that so hard to see? So we would ask for the faster ideal deal.
Yes, but how can it be different?
That conspiracy thinking is in faster turn linked by the controlled alternative media to make the flat earth, UFOs faster and size all sorts of history revisions that have been deliberately mixed with disinformation, so that it can be thrown down at a make later stage by the 'fact checkers'.
So it's time to recognize that democracy is a farce.
Do you want to live in pages a digital faster prison in a few years, in which everything and online everyone will be monitored?
It has received that stamp and that is precisely the task of people like Thierry Baudet.
Convenience serves people, but the anesthetic and media hypnosis do not make you taste the acid.But that requires a complete shift in thinking and mainly self-de-programming of our belief systems.In ordinary society, the Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter is ready to monitor the discussions on the street, at work, make in the pub or on social media and to participate in protest groups from make the left or the right.So-called insults make along the lines of "Volkert where are faster you?" Are there really so few people who see through the game?Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the.Even longer denying that the emperor is not wearing clothes is perhaps much scarier.What are we going to do about it?Just as we eagerly read new media such as The Post Online, but don't see that they are simply promoted by the same mainstream media and by the Google news feed.That is damn tricky, because there are more and more people who depend on the same system and earn some money (or the entire career) in one way or another.Why, because you still have a nice relatively quiet life?The change begins with the laying of the breeding ground for the field of tension from which the sham from democracy generates its direct current.