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Make my words sound smarter

A misused big word has the opposite effect of making words you sound smart!
Did you know that brilliant communication is only 100 words away?
Each word is clearly defined and shown in context with"tions from magazines, books, newspapers, movies, TV shows, pasta and speeches.
For example, I read sound a memo photoshop that someone wrote requesting permission to attend a meeting.A big word used correctly, but unnecessarily, has the effect of making you sound pedantic.The memo said, It is detrimental that I go to the meeting next week.Communication is the process by smarter which meaning is created and exchanged.If you have smarter to go get a dictionary to see what pedantic means, I have made image make my point!What the writer meant was important.Ironically, the misuse of the word implies the exact opposite of what the person meant.What if it's lost behind words we could never find?Whether you need to ace an interview, give a speech indesign at a wedding, attend a dinner party, or impress a date, just a quick browse through this book and you'll be on your way to sounding articulate, educated, and literate.Detrimental implies that some negative outcome would be associated with the persons attendance at the meeting.What if our love never went away?The purpose of writing is to communicate.There are make expressions from popular culture (Catch-22) and words that date back to classical civilization (spartan and stoic). A colorful variety of words have past been chosen, including handy words of just one syllable (such as glib) and partition words derived from the names of famous people (such as Freudian slip and Machiavellian).
The truth of the matter is that smart communicators use make words that (a) they understand and (b) their readers are likely to pareto understand.
If the person who reads your writing doesnt understand what you are trying to chart say, no vegetables communication occurs when he or she reads your writing.
What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?
past The newest partition title in the popular 100 Words series is an informative and entertaining resource that can windows help anyone be right on the money when looking for words that will make make a point, seal the deal, or just keep folks listening.In order to communicate effectively, you have to use make language properly, and you have to use language that people are likely to understand.100 Words to Make You Sound Smart make is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to sound sharp, sophisticated, and in the know.Lately I have noticed many people misusing the word detrimental when what they really make mean is instrumental or important.Browse the, writing Basics category, check our popular posts, or choose a related system post below.By Mary, many people think that they sound smarter when they use big partition words.Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily!